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* Envirox H2Orange & Concentrate 117 - Environmentally friendly chemical will clean and disinfect any surface.

10X WINDOW CLEANER - concentrated, high quality cleaner

HI-CON GLASS CLEANER - also a multi-surface cleaner

•FREEDOM FOAMING ACID CLEANER - used for bathrooms, perfect for chrome fixtures
& drinking fountains.

CLOUT 23% ACID BOWL CLEANER - for initial cleaning of toilets & urinals

TRUST BOWL CLEANER - low acid, for daily cleaning of toilets & urinals

• SUPER 2000 HEAVY DUTY DEGREASER - used for kitchen floors & walls

* ORANGE DIGESTANT - kitchen grease traps, concrete oily areas

* CITRUS DEGREASER - for daily cleaning on surfaces, also for carpets & upholstery

SUPER KWIK STRIP - heavy duty, no rinse speed stripper

* NEUTRAL FLOOR NEUTRALIZER - removes residue from stripping

FIRST COAT ACRYLIC FLOOR SEALER - provides a hard, durable undercoat for finish

MIRROR IMAGE FINISH - gives “wet look” gloss with excellent durability

STONE FACE FINISH - long lasting finish designed for Terrazzo, Brick, Stone,
and all other non-resilient floors

XHD FINISH - designed for high traffic areas where high gloss & durability are critical

WET LOOK FINISH - designed to give exceptional initial gloss with minimum
amount of coats

MOP IT ONCE - floor cleaner for everyday use, will not damage finish


BEST CARPET SOLUTIONS - maximum cleaning for carpets

*• ATTACK 256 - disinfectant for carpets. Disinfects, cleans, & deodorizes in one labor saving step

· = MSDS Safety data sheets area available upon request, please call 399-4808

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